The San Francisco Giants Bounce Back for Third Time

Giants add another World Series win to their ongoing list.

On Wednesday night, the San Francisco giants made history once again. They beat the Kansas City Royals in Game 7 to win their third World Series title in five years. This obviously is not an easy task to accomplish but with a team with many star players and a great postseason playing record, it was not too surprising. To many though, the Giants just got lucky this year.

The Giants’ regular season record did not look so promising and rival teams thought that they would not stand a chance. They only won 88 games, failed to win a division title, and barely scooted into the postseason with the second wild card from the National League.

Of course because of this, the Kansas City Royals were looking better than ever. They had a record of 11-4, which is a .733 winning percentage against some of the best teams out there. That still proved not to be enough to beat the bound and determined Giants.

The absurd thing is to many people is that with a bad of a record as the Giants had this year, how did they even manage to win the World Series again? Was it just luck or were people so awed by the Royals being in the finals that they never even thought that the Giants could have some secrets in their ball caps?

It was not luck at all. Giants pitcher, Madison Bumgarner helped out his team and ended up making history by having one of the best postseasons of all time. He threw 52 2/3 innings, more than any person ever had and even threw five scoreless innings in an elimination game. He was the key person to the Giants winning.

Not only did Bumgarner show how valuable of a player he really is but the rest of the team came ready to conquer also. Hunter Pence scored eight runs and went 12-for-27 with three walks. Tim Hudson, the Major League’s leader with 214 wins, also pitched well and waited 16 years for a ring. Pablo Sandoval even had three hits in one night during Game 7.

Even with star players and a hard working team, three wins in five years is a lot and they should be proud of it yet some people do not think so. With fans calling the Giants’ record a dynasty, Bleacher Report thinks it should be called something different because apparently, their record is not too great compared to other sports. Basically, a “dynasty” is just a word that has been used to describe a team that has won a lot and should use it with pride.

“If the Giants are a dynasty, then were the Miami Heat with LeBron James a dynasty? The Heat won four straight Eastern Conference titles and two NBA championships during LeBron’s four years in South Beach,” Bleacher Report said.

The reporter that wrote that article and many others does not realize how hard it is to win a championship of any kind, especially with tens of thousands of fans counting on you. Even just winning once would make anyone feel like they were part of a dynasty. Even comparing the Giants to teams like the Red Sox and Yankees that have been winning back to back since who knows how long is unreasonable. This is the Giants’ time and they deserve to enjoy every minute of it.


Best Netflix flicks for Halloween

They are so good they will make you scream.

It is that time of year to scour Netflix late at night or with friends for that perfect horror movie to satisfy Halloween withdrawals. Even digging through the plethora of B-list horror movies, there are some still some greats left with timeless villains and dark twisted humor. There are even a few obvious classics left that everyone has to see at least once a year.

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Donnie Darko

Taking place in October 1988, Jake Gyllenhaal plays a troubled teenager from a typical suburban neighborhood in Maryland. He has a history of schizophrenia and once he quits taking his medication, his life goes downhill from there. He meets a man in a bunny costume who tells him that right around Halloween, the world will end. On a journey to find out what is going on and full of menacing hallucinations, the whole thing really does seem like just a dream.


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Satan’s Little Helper

Dougie is a little boy who is obsessed with a violent video game where he plays Satan’s little helper. When Dougie’s sister comes home to spend time with him for Halloween, she brings a guest to Dougie’s dismay. During the day of Halloween, Dougie sees a familiar masked figured that he recognizes as Satan from his video game. He naively befriends Satan and this masked mystery becomes the neighborhood’s worst nightmare.


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Halloween: Resurrection

One of the scariest serial killers in all known horror movies, Michael Myers, seems to get his last laugh but is definitely not finished yet. During Halloween, a reality show that is being shot at a number of suspected haunted houses . A group of teens have been chosen to spend a night at Michael Myers’ childhood home. Cameras are placed all over the house and not much is expected of the show, until Michael comes home.


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The Addams Family

Everyone’s favorite spooky family from the 60’s is now in color. The Addams family is back except now, they are on a hunt to find Gomez’s beloved brother, Fester. The family’s lawyer along with his wife, an intimidating psychiatrist and her son plan on conning the Addams out of their fortune by having the son pose as Gomez’s long lost brother. Plans quickly take a different route with antics full of blood, disturbing family parties and creepy creatures just in time for Halloween.


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Nightmare Before Christmas

Of course this one is going to be on the top of everyones favorite Halloween movie list. Disney’s favorite pumpkin king takes his hand at trying to create his idea of a perfect Christmas for Halloween Land and it quickly gets out of hand. After celebrating Halloween the same way every year and accidentally landing in Christmas Land, Jack Skellington decides that he wanted to shake things up for the holidays and recruits the entire town to help make it the spookiest Christmas of all time.

Ouija Film Review

All it is, is a teenage fright night.

Ouija came out just in time for Halloween to evoke a good scare. Even though this is not the first movie to be based a famous Hasbro toy, which is a device used to communicate with ghosts, this film definitely has the creep factor and decent story line to be one of this weekend’s hits.

Though the actual Ouija board is seen as a child’s toy, this film is not for children or the weak stomached at all. It literally opened up with a shot of the supposed demon toy being thrown into a fireplace, which probably is not very youth-friendly but does add some depth to the eerie story.

The entire film revolves around around a very promising cast that play a group of teens obsessed with an antique board they find due to the suspicious death of a friend. Bates Motel star Olivia Cooke plays the starring role of the heroine who is a skeptic and is reluctant of playing but eventually gets sucked into it and has to find a way to save herself and friends. There is also a few other notable actors such as Daren Kagasoff and Robyn Lively.

Of course a whole movie revolving around watching a group of kids sitting around a table trying to summon dead people does not sound too exciting. They filmmakers really emphasized the immature curiosity that usually comes along with horror movies. Ouija’s filmmakers decided to add their own little twist to the story. The planchette that is used for the game can be used to see a little something not too pretty if someone were to look through the little window on it.

There is also an obvious line in the film of reality and imagination. Of course, the board’s realism has been questioned for centuries and a lot of the movie focuses on that, even to the point where they show something that most people have probably done: extensive research on Google to see if there is any truth to the stories.

The effects of the film are great yet typically expected of any movie of the like. With each actor almost being killed off one by one like in so many horror movies before, they had to step up the gore factor with things like lips being sewn shut and eyes turning colors and rolling inside heads. Even though not original, they were all jump worthy.

Anyone that is looking for a fun night out with their friends will definitely enjoy this movie, especially since it is so close to the scariest time of the year. It is a typical teenage scream fest that anyone, young or old, would enjoy.

Is Domestic Violence Not Only an NFL Problem?

Early last Monday morning, LA Kings defenseman Slava Voynov was arrested for domestic abuse towards a woman he was with, who did not want to be identified.

Just a couple of hours later, his $50,000 bail had been posted and he was out. It spread all over NHL news like wildfire that the player had been suspended indefinitely with pay and that was the end of it.

Many people are questioning that is he getting the quick and easy treatment after all the backlash from other domestic abuses cases in the NFL? Is it just an easy way for the Kings’ coach, Darryl Sutter, to keep things quiet and figured out without the TMZ watching their every move? Could Voynov’s lawyer’s claim be true and maybe nothing actually happened as the woman could have over exaggerated what actually happened?

Any of these could be true but the real problem is that anyone who would even think about laying a hand on someone else should not be getting a lenient punishment and should go through all of the investigation procedures to give all parties involved a fair case.

Just a few months ago, the NFL was under major backlash with the the Ray Rice abuse case. The infamous video of him and his wife was circulated everywhere and he was on every show and news station from TMZ to Fox News to ESPN. Not only did he make himself look terrible and drown his career, but people started questioning NFL ethics, which led to no other choice but banning him indefinitely.

If Rice was found guilty, the NFL also would only pay him the rest of the amount from his 2014 salary and he would be done. This would seem like the ideal choice of punishment because a grown man should know better than to act like that. If the NFL did that, why would the NHL and the LA Kings take it so easy on Voynov?

Most would think that giving suspension with pay is a very soft punishment and without any jail time or maybe even without a trial. Voynov’s lawyer, Craig Renetzky is also keeping media in check with as least of information as possible on what really happened, which could be incriminating or maybe there really is nothing. Either way, the truth should not be hidden if a man is hurting a woman.

The lack of information just makes the whole situation also look worse and very sneaky on the league’s part. Renetzky compared it to Ray Rice and made him look like the devil while Voynov was the angel.

“If you look at the Rice case, this guy cold-cocked or punched the woman and dragged her out of the elevator. When people hear domestic violence, they immediately jump to that, assuming it’s the same thing. It’s not,” Renetzky said. “In this case, my client never punched the woman. I can’t go into great detail. This is nothing like that incident. My client did take her to the hospital.”

Yes, he did take her to the hospital but there was obviously something that alarmed doctors enough to call the police. Whether they like it or not, the media has their eye on Voynov, the case, and the NHL now. Just because they want to keep things under wraps does not mean their players should not go through the same punishment. If anyone hurts a significant other in any way, they do not deserve a paid vacation.

Baseball’s Hidden Dangers

The MLB playoffs is a time to watch some of the greatest teams around battle it out to be named the best of the best. No one would expect to see any of these games turn life threatening over team rivalry or maybe nothing at all.

After Friday’s Angels-Royals game ended in a loss, an Angels’ fan and veteran LAPD officer, was attacked by three men appearing to be Kansas City Royals fans in the parking lot of Angel Stadium. He is now in critical condition.

The motive of the attackers is still unclear but is said to not have have been led from team rivalry, as previous altercations had.

If it was not team rivalry then what could it have been? Did they just do it because no one was around and they could get away with it? Were they not thinking straight due to alcohol intoxication? There will never be a decent excuse for acting like this. Not only are the attackers hurting the victim but also the victim’s family, employees and fans.

This is not the first time that an incident like this has happened at this stadium, or even others in Southern California.

In 2009, Brian Powers was attacked in a stairwell at Angel Stadium, which paralyzed him and he later deceased. Police found no motive from the attackers.

The most notable incident is the 2011 beating of San Francisco Giants fan Bryan Stow. He was attacked by two Los Angeles Dodgers fans that left severe permanent injuries. Police were led to believe that nothing else but fan-rivalry was the cause in this case.

Stow’s attack not only affected him but also Dodger Stadium. Buying tickets and attendance went down considerably after this incident because fans were afraid of this happening again. That will quickly happen to Angel Stadium if these types of situations are not handled quickly and effectively by everyone involved.

Many people would like to blame the incidents on the lack of stadium security and police officers during games.

“We take any incident that happens in our venues or near our venues very seriously,” said Tim Mead, vice president of communications for Anaheim Angels. “Stadium security is one of our focal points, our fan experience and we take a great deal of time and effort to provide the best environment possible.”

The security and police cannot be held 100 percent responsible because some fans decided to lash out and act like animals after their games.

Security at Angel Stadium was increased during the playoffs for this very reason but they still struggled to have eyes and ears everywhere around the park.

People can come up with any excuse for their motives. The attacks were driven because of the intense playoff atmosphere along with the drinking or the lack of supervision from stadium officials but that does not mean that everyone at any other game that has been drinking will blatantly attack someone. Security and police would like to believe that adults would have better sense than this and would not have to watch over them like hawks.

Anyone that is going to a sporting event with their loved ones would never expect anything this atrocious to happen. This should not even be called “fan-rivalry,” or a case with “no motive.”

Real team rivalry does not involve bullying tactics and harming people. Someone that would deliberately harm another human being like that knew exactly what they were doing and need to be punished for their actions.

The Walking Dead season 5 premiere

The Walking Dead knocked it out of the park with their season five premiere. The episode was jam packed with enough blood and guts to satisfy even the most critical fans.

Last season ended on a cliffhanger with Daryl and the entire group reuniting at Terminus. Fans were left wondering if they were going to stay stuck in the train car and become zombie food.

The first few minutes of the episode was enough to make anyone squirm. It started out with a flashback of Gareth, the leader of Terminus and the Terminus group trapped in a train car that looks like the one Rick and the others are in. He started questioning if he and his friends were good people, why were they being tortured while audible screams could be heard.

The season opener gave a little bit of background into what Terminus actually is but not enough. The obvious is that Terminus is a group of survivors that were taking refuge at a compound and had to start fending for themselves after being tortured and raped by a group of unnamed captures.

The confusing part is how do people go from being considered good to being unable to think twice about killing anyone who crosses their paths. With all of these holes early into the story, hopefully more background information into Terminus’ history will be revealed throughout the season.

Even with all of the chaos, reunions were the best part of the opener. Rick and Carl were ecstatic that Judith was found to be alive. Daryl even had a tearful get-together with Carol, who easily is turning into a favorite character already this season.

The characters did not disappoint fans and newcomers of the show either. Of course Daryl, Rick and other veterans were impressive from the minute they started showing their warrior survivor skills at the beginning of the episode.

Some fan favorites have morphed into the zombie fighter personas that everyone has hoped would happen during the last four seasons. One of the themes of this season will be how the crew becomes much wiser and tougher.

Anyone who is new to the show would most likely be confused on some of the details, even with the background information. Watching the show from the first season is definitely recommended before starting season five to fully understand all of its significance.

Season five’s opener was full of both mayhem and joy that will excite old fans and attract many new ones.

For a first episode to be a dark show, it was just great to see a happy ending. Extensive details were put into this one episode so it is just foreshadows how much of a roller coaster the rest of the season will be.

The Walking Dead airs on AMC, Sundays at 9 p.m.

Should Universities ban Fraternities and Sororities

Fraternities and sororities have been the norm for many college students throughout the nation for the last 238 years. When it was first started, it was an honor to be accepted into one and that is still considered that today. For many schools, that is where most of their history lies. To ban fraternities and sororities would be like banning centuries old of tradition.

Cliche as it sounds, college is a time to venture outside of the comfort zone and try new things. Students that decide to join a Greek organization end up learning so many useful qualities and social skills that will take them far in life. There is no excuse to hate something if no effort was put into trying it in the first place.

People who are against the Greeks need to look at the bigger picture and not just the over-exaggerated horror stories and movies. The Greek Life’s main focus has always been on integrity, respect, responsibility, the well-being of their members and keeping the sister and brotherhood alive.

People are against the Greeks because of their supposed tendency to be one giant clique and the fear of being excluded. All Greek groups have numerous bonding activities to bring every member closer together. If you look at most fraternity and sorority calendars, you’ll find that there is an event almost every day, whether it is a movie night or a formal.

No one wants to feel left out and they make sure of that. These groups are known being like families and having more than 20 brothers and sisters that would help out at any cost, which might never happen to someone if they were quick to judge and never joined.

The Greek life opens many doors for members and is the perfect way to network while being among the familiarity of brothers and sisters. Because they have been around for quite some time, there have been tons of well-known members and they already have something in common just by being part of a group. Some of the most successful people have come out of fraternities and sororities including Steven Spielberg, Paul Rudd, Condoleezza Rice and Lucy Liu and the list will just keep growing.

Yes, being a part of these groups gives an advantage but so do so many other groups and programs on campuses. Greek life or not, if someone wants to go after what they really want, they will. The Greek name does not put a name on who is successful.

Watching from the outside in, these societies may seem like just a way to get in with all of the best parties and not having to do schoolwork because of the Greek status. Greeks have been known to be one of the most hard working groups in colleges. Some of them will not let students join unless they have an above average GPA.

The philanthropic activities that the Greeks do each year is more than impressive; the activities they do and the amount of money they raise. Where do people think the parties and events get funded from? Not only do the fun events help raise money to help the organizations but the colleges and communities as well.

These groups even try to get the whole campus involved because everyone giving back means so much more than trying to stay within the exclusivity of an organization.

Even if fraternities and sororities are not your cup of tea, you should not have a say whether to ban them or not. Unless you’ve been in one, you do not know what actually goes on. Throwing away the Greek life would be like throwing a way a part of history.


counterpoint by: Brittany Gonzales

Should we get rid of fraternities and sororities? Yes. They are dangerous for students.

In Columbia, S.C. a student was killed and they suspect his fraternities for hazing because he was running with his fraternity brothers. Pennsylvania’s Baruch College was investigated on homicide charges due to a fatality during a pledging ritual when a freshman died. The university of Tennessee had some fraternities who made pledges pour hot sauce on their genitals. In Atlanta at Emory, pledges were made to eat items that are not for eating. At Wesleyan in Connecticut two women claimed to be raped by two different fraternities.

This is just the recent incidents that have been reported. There are many more incidents like these throughout the history of fraternities and sororities. Fraternities and sororities are known for being party houses and are known for being loud and crazy.

The University of Connecticut was banned after they had a member lie on the floor and “sizzle like bacon” then drink until she passed out. This was only one of a few sororities that have been found forcing members to drink until they passed out. There are several more sorority houses that were caught abusing alcohol, Fraternities were also caught drinking.

Sororities and Fraternities were not created to do this sort of thing. They were not meant to be party houses or hazing disasters. Greeks were put together to help students bond and to get resources for a better chance of getting the job they want when graduating. Some fraternities and sororities still follow this but those that do not should be banned.

The way sororities and fraternities that still live up to the original plan should be awarded because very few have kept to this. The ones who have been able to keep their place in order are scarce and hard to come by because the average thought of any student going into college is that they are there to live life to the fullest and party as hard as they can. College is the place where the high school child is able to find what kind of adult they are. Because of this, fraternities and sororities become a party and the party can get crazy just like any other college party.

Some students are scared to join these fraternities and sororities because they are afraid to be embarrassed or abused by their peers because of the claims and allegations against them. If fraternities and sororities went back to the original way they were supposed to be, there wouldn’t be as many claims and allegations against them. They would be held in high regards by their universities and colleges.

Welcome to my life!