Around Hornet: Kelly’s preparation tactics wearing on Williams

Sunday the Philadelphia Eagles beat the Washington Redskins 37-34. Post-game, one would expect the entire team to be in celebration mode. However, the victory was quickly soured when Cary Williams, Eagles cornerback, went public about how “burnt out” he was from coach Chip Kelly’s practice regimen.

Chip Kelly came from Oregon to Philadelphia with little experience and that’s when skepticism began. Fans were hopeful for a change after the former Eagles coach, Andy Reid, failed to get the team to the Super Bowl after 14 seasons. Of course when anyone is going to be under the public eye and scrutinized, they are going to try everything in their power to prove that they are the best.

Sports science is a study of principles aimed to improve sports performance. So far, Kelly and his sports science techniques have paid off with the season that the Eagles are having so far. Because of this, people would easily overlook the injuries that have increased if it means going to the Super Bowl.

Even though the nutrition planning, sleep monitoring, conditioning and sweat watch is definitely helping players step up to the plate, the number of injuries keeps rising.

The offensive line is down to two starters, right guard Todd Herremans and left tackle Jason Peters. Left guard Evan Mathis and right tackle Allen Barbre are both out on injured reserve. Even the Eagles’ best defender, Fletcher Cox, is out with limited play time with an injury.

Just a few weeks ago, reports were being predicted about the Eagles’ offensive line and they were not good. Philadelphia’s week one starting offensive line included 3 of 5 players who were rated at the top of their position but due to; age, increasing injuries and the high level of practice, there is no doubt they would sink this year.

Williams seems to be the only one complaining. The remainder of the team know they need to suck it up, train hard and keep going if they want to be the best.

“I’m just going to be honest with you. It’s hard to go out there and fight for 60 minutes when you’re fighting throughout the week to make it through one practice,” Williams said. “I’m not the only one, I’m just the only one that’s man enough to stand up here and talk to y’all. It’s obviously, in my opinion, an issue in our starts.”

CBS Philly reported that Kelly’s regimen proves to be working for the Eagles. No one has had anything bad to say about Kelly besides Williams. Eagles Defensive Coodinator, Bill Davis voiced his perspective on their approach.

“We train in a great way. The sports science we have, the way we analyze it, there’s no concern. I actually think we’re the strongest team in the fourth quarter, and it shows,” he said. “We keep finishing the games; where others don’t have it in the tank, we have it in the tank. It shows.”

Based on the results of this early season, Kelly’s sport science and preparation tactics are working.

“I’ve been with 10 different organizations, and it’s not even close. So there is zero concern. It’s the opposite of that; there’s complete confidence that we are the strongest team in the fourth quarter.” Davis added.

The Eagles offense ran 73 plays in Monday’s game while the Redskins had 72. It does not seem like that much of a difference but when looked at the league average, it is actually pretty high. So far this season, the league average of total plays has been around the 180 range.The Eagles are fourth on the list of a total of 213 plays in just the last three.

There is no doubt that Kelly works his players hard. From his success at the collegiate level coaching at Oregon, a school he took from mediocre to a perennial national power, he knows this is the way to go if they want to be at the top by the end of the season.

Anyone can argue in order for a team to perform better, a coach needs to go easier on them. A coach is not paid to be an athletes friend, he’s paid to train them to be their best and lead them to victory. Each player should have been aware when they signed their contract that it would be hard work.

It does not matter if the other teams start training as hard as Kelly’s team. The head coach’s sole task is to help his team do the very best and if it gives them the upper hand, then he should completely do it.

This season is also crucial for him as he’s going to be under watch constantly for every football move he makes. The other players might eventually complain but what Williams did was unnecessary. His job is to win and be part of a team, not try to be on vacation during the season. It is like the old adage; no pain, no gain.

BET hip hop awards 2014 preview

After last year’s controversial hit, will this year be the same?

The BET hip hop awards are one of the most anticipated shows of the whole year for many music fans. Even with the controversial events that happened at last year’s show, this year is expected to be an even bigger hit.

Taking place in Atlanta this year, Snoop Dogg is returning to host the event with Nelly and Teyana Taylor presenting the trophies to the winners. Doug E. Fresh is this year’s “I Am Hip-Hop Icon” honoree.

The nominees are nothing short of impressive. Album of the Year nominees include: Drake’s “Nothing was the Same,” Eminem’s “The Marshall Mathers LP 2,” Future’s “Honest,” Rick Ross’ “Mastermind,” Schoolboy Q’s “Oxymoron” and Yo Gotti’s “I Am.”

Nominated for best hip hop video: Drake, Future, Iggy Azalea, J. Cole, Wiz Khalifa and Nicki Minaj.

MVP of the year nominees include DJ Mustard, Drake, Future, Jay Z and Nicki Minaj.

In the best collabo, duo or group category: Eminem and Rihanna, Future and Pharrell, Jay Z and Justin Timberlake, Schoolboy Q and BJ The Chicago Kid and YG with Jeezy and Rich Homie Quan.

Just a few days ago, BET announced their cyphers lineup, a long list of some of the biggest names around right now.

Wiz Khalifa and his Taylor Gang crew including Juicy J, Chevy Woods, Berner, Tuki Carter and Ty Dollar $ign are the rappers that will have a lot to live up to after Kendrick Lamar’s memorable freestyle last year.

Remy Ma will also appear in a cypher along with husband Papoose, Snow tha Product, Lil Mama and Dreezy.

Other rappers included in the segment are: David Banner, G-Eazy, Kevin Gates, Vic Mensa, Troy Ave, Logic, Treach, Genesis, Dee-1, Detroit Che, Loaded Lux, King Los, Corey Charron, DJ Scratch, T-Rex, Goodz, Rain 910, Conceited, Tsu Surf, Dillon Cooper, Two-9, Jarren Benton, Andy Mineo and Emilio Rojas.

Even with an impressive list for the cypher, fans voiced their opinions on Twitter about the lineup which will make for an even more interesting performance.

The performance lineup has also been released.

Rappers T.I., Common, Birdman, YG, Jay Electronica, DJ Mustard, Bobby Shmurda, Young Thug, TeeFlii, Vince Staples, Rich Homie Quan and Rae Sremmurd are going to hit the mics at the awards.

The 2014 BET Awards will air on Oct. 14, at 8 p.m. on the BET network.

Kings are on top again

Mercury Insurance corporate office had one of the largest crowds Wednesday Sept. 10 to see the legendary Stanley Cup, won by the Los Angeles Kings.

The Stanley Cup was brought to Brea’s Mercury Insurance’s main office and was shared with their employees. The line to see and touch the cup was so long that it wrapped around the office building.


One ecstatic fan said that the King’s fan base is the best thing that she has ever been a part of and that waiting in the line was worth it.

The Kings’ mascot Bailey was also there taking pictures alongside the cup. The Kings Ice Crew, Bailey and the Cup made the experience that much better.

Erik Thompson, Mercury Insurance’s director of advertising, was just as excited as all of the people there.

“Mercury has been with the Kings for a long time, even before the fan base was huge. I’m hoping next season brings us another Stanley Cup,” Thompson said. “There is a new star every night, not just one on the team. Whether it’s Dustin Brown or others, they are all stars of the team. This shows how important hockey is becoming in California.”

Many season ticket holders that were at the playoffs from beginning to end were just as excited to see the cup today as they were when the Kings won it again back in June.

Not only were there tons of Kings fans from California but there were also many fans from all over the United States that love completely different teams. Many people showed real dedication whether they were Kings fans or not.

A diehard hockey fan family traveled all the way from Florida to see their beloved cup in person, even though they knew it would practically take the whole day for them to get in front of the line to see it.


The Stanley Cup is the oldest trophy in professional sports and the Kings won it for the second time in three years making it a great deal.

Rock and roll that is a little too identical

Freestyle Release and Director Dustin Marcellino cater to an Elvis-loving audience that did not fail with entertainment or history one bit with “The Identical” which was released in theaters Sept. 5.

The film begins with Drexel Hemsley, known as The Dream, riding in a car to an unknown event. Flashbacks of his family and childhood in the 1930s was shown during the beginning half of the movie.

The Great Depression was shown during these flashbacks when Hemsley was born. It showed him having an identical twin brother, Dexter, who was given away due to money issues.

Their parents gave Dexter away to Rev. Reece and his wife, Louise Wade hoping that their son will have the best life possible, since Reece and his wife were not able to produce children of their own and because of their religious background.

The film really starts when Ryan Wade, formerly known as Dexter Hemsley’s real calling in life is to sing and entertain. However, he is held back while his unknown twin brother becomes a star. Wade spends his life emulating Hemsley in hopes of becoming a big star while following in his father’s footsteps to becoming the next reverend, much to his dismay.

The plot also focuses on how Wade has always felt a weird connection to Hemsley, as if he already knew everything about him.

There couldn’t have been a better candidate than Blake Rayne to play Wade and Hemsley with his almost identical Elvis looks. Rayne even won an Elvis impersonator contest in 1998 and made a living from impersonating him at casinos and state fairs. Even though the film is not directly related to Elvis’ life, the music, story and looks were definitely pictured and expected by the audience and Rayne delivered the whole package.

Stars Ray Liotta, Ashley Judd and Seth Green did not disappoint audiences either with their great roles. Liotta and Judd play the fiery Rev. Reece and Louise Wade, Dexter’s very religious adoptive parents who just want to raise a decent son to keep their promise to his biological parents. Even with the short times they are shown, they represent how much parents love their children and want the best for them, even if it ends up in a fight. This made it relate-able for anyone in the audience.

Green plays Wade’s best friend, Dino and even with the short times that he’s seen, he provides much of the laughter and relief for the audience.

This film definitely pulls on emotions with how much someone can relate with trying to find themselves and following their dreams. Instead of focusing purely on money and fame, a lot of the film shows the downfalls of becoming rich and trying to find oneself. This film was mostly set during the 1960s to 1970s.

This film is great for an audience of all ages as it definitely gives past events to show children while the older audience can enjoy something familiar, even though it really isn’t familiar at all.

Although some critics argue that this movie is very predictable and full of Rayne trying too hard for the musical numbers, what makes this film unique is the wanting to find independence and family feelings that everyone has been through.

This movie has a great story line and is great for people of all ages to really appreciate, the story and the history that is really behind the king of rock and roll.

Moto X vs iPhone 6

This fall is full of anticipation with the kick off arrivals of the iPhone 6 and the Motorola Moto X. Being in competition to be this year’s number one selling phone, people are having a tough time deciding which one would be a better purchase.

Apple released two different versions of their new phone, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. They are hoping to increase revenue as well, with the release of iOS 8.

iOS 8 has lots of new features that iOS 7 did not have, including 4000 new APIs, new technologies for game development, custom actions buttons and Swift, the brand-new programming language.

Motorola is Apple’s main rival with their “pure-Android” Moto X and expect it to be a bigger hit than the iPhone 6.


They are using the new Android 4.4.4 KitKat software that is claimed to be the greatest OS version so far. Some of the features include custom wake-up commands to turn on the phone and other apps, using hand gestures to activate certain phone capabilities and a right mode so the Moto X can read texts aloud.

This right mode feature also can block calls and keep notifications showing in the background until manually expanded.

The iPhone 6 has an even bigger screen at 4.7 inches while the Plus will be almost tablet sized at 5.5 inches. Both of the new iPhones are showing off their new flatter design, faster A8 processors and a bigger storage capacity up to 128GB.

The Moto X has the same look and feel as the previous X that came out before but the new one is bigger. It features a 5.2-inch screen with curved corners to fit better in palms. The sound quality is definitely improved with front stereo speakers but the storage has to stay at 16GB and 32GB due to the lack of an SD card slot. Another perk is that it is water resistant.

The camera on the IPhone 6 and Plus are slighty improved. They both feature a new iSight Camera at 8-megapixel with a sapphire crystal lens cover and the video shot will be in 1080p HD. The FaceTime Camera features 1.2-megapixel photos and 720p HD video recording.


On the Moto X, there is quite a step up from its previous 10-megapixel shooter. The new camera features a 13-megapixel cameras which means sharper shots and there is also a way to tweak the software to snap multiple pictures at once.

The iPhone 6 and Plus runs from $199 to $649 and the Moto X is $500. Both are pretty steep in price, especially without knowing all the features on either phone and if they are actually worth paying for.

Resolution and size wise, the iPhone 6 and Plus and the Moto X are about the same except the iPhone takes the cake overall.

The only difference is that photography fans might notice is that the Moto X has less storage but the camera quality is significantly greater than the iPhone 6.

For an Android, the Moto X’s price is right between Apple’s and doesn’t offer any better of a deal. The iPhone 6 is offering a better deal for a bigger storage along with more little features that customers can stay interested in and be satisfied with for the price they paid.

The Guppy House hits Fullerton

The Guppy House is a well known Asian fusion restaurant that has been one of the popular places to go to in Orange County and Los Angeles. Their newest location opened in Fullerton, in the heart of the college community, just at the bottom of the new University House.

The grand opening event definitely did not disappoint the crowd with their big variety of things to see and do. The restaurant served to a full house of customers and still had guests on their wait list.

There were more than 20 people waiting at the door to go in.

“This Guppy House has only been open for six weeks,” said Michael Ung, Guppy House supervisor. “For the grand opening, I’m expecting a full house, endless drinks being made and a million popcorn chicken orders.”

Not only was the grand opening event full of tasty food but music was provided by disk jockey Awthentik Vibes and live art from Nasa Crew. An exotic car showcase was also held in the parking structure and revving loud engines could be heard throughout the event.

They also have a wide variety of items on the menu to serve costumers, from full noodle, rice and meat meals to snacks such as brick toast. Shaved ice and endless assortments of drinks were available for dessert.

“My personal favorite is the beef stew but everyone that comes in here always ends up loving the popcorn chicken,” Ung said.

Even with everything going on during the busy event, the employees were quick at serving the long line of customers. The time it took to get through the door to being seated at a table was a fast one, so was making the orders and getting served. The servers made sure drinks were always filled and that the food came right on time. They were all very helpful and courteous.

The new location is so close to the college community that it made it easy for many people to come out to this event. The crowds that came to this event came from outside the Fullerton area, including Los Angeles to hang out with friends, listen to good music and see some art being created as they walked around.

The Guppy House is located at 2585 E. Chapman Ave. in Fullerton near Cal State Fullerton.

They are open Sundays through Thursdays from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. and Fridays and Saturdays from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.





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