Baseball’s Hidden Dangers

The MLB playoffs is a time to watch some of the greatest teams around battle it out to be named the best of the best. No one would expect to see any of these games turn life threatening over team rivalry or maybe nothing at all.

After Friday’s Angels-Royals game ended in a loss, an Angels’ fan and veteran LAPD officer, was attacked by three men appearing to be Kansas City Royals fans in the parking lot of Angel Stadium. He is now in critical condition.

The motive of the attackers is still unclear but is said to not have have been led from team rivalry, as previous altercations had.

If it was not team rivalry then what could it have been? Did they just do it because no one was around and they could get away with it? Were they not thinking straight due to alcohol intoxication? There will never be a decent excuse for acting like this. Not only are the attackers hurting the victim but also the victim’s family, employees and fans.

This is not the first time that an incident like this has happened at this stadium, or even others in Southern California.

In 2009, Brian Powers was attacked in a stairwell at Angel Stadium, which paralyzed him and he later deceased. Police found no motive from the attackers.

The most notable incident is the 2011 beating of San Francisco Giants fan Bryan Stow. He was attacked by two Los Angeles Dodgers fans that left severe permanent injuries. Police were led to believe that nothing else but fan-rivalry was the cause in this case.

Stow’s attack not only affected him but also Dodger Stadium. Buying tickets and attendance went down considerably after this incident because fans were afraid of this happening again. That will quickly happen to Angel Stadium if these types of situations are not handled quickly and effectively by everyone involved.

Many people would like to blame the incidents on the lack of stadium security and police officers during games.

“We take any incident that happens in our venues or near our venues very seriously,” said Tim Mead, vice president of communications for Anaheim Angels. “Stadium security is one of our focal points, our fan experience and we take a great deal of time and effort to provide the best environment possible.”

The security and police cannot be held 100 percent responsible because some fans decided to lash out and act like animals after their games.

Security at Angel Stadium was increased during the playoffs for this very reason but they still struggled to have eyes and ears everywhere around the park.

People can come up with any excuse for their motives. The attacks were driven because of the intense playoff atmosphere along with the drinking or the lack of supervision from stadium officials but that does not mean that everyone at any other game that has been drinking will blatantly attack someone. Security and police would like to believe that adults would have better sense than this and would not have to watch over them like hawks.

Anyone that is going to a sporting event with their loved ones would never expect anything this atrocious to happen. This should not even be called “fan-rivalry,” or a case with “no motive.”

Real team rivalry does not involve bullying tactics and harming people. Someone that would deliberately harm another human being like that knew exactly what they were doing and need to be punished for their actions.

The Walking Dead season 5 premiere

The Walking Dead knocked it out of the park with their season five premiere. The episode was jam packed with enough blood and guts to satisfy even the most critical fans.

Last season ended on a cliffhanger with Daryl and the entire group reuniting at Terminus. Fans were left wondering if they were going to stay stuck in the train car and become zombie food.

The first few minutes of the episode was enough to make anyone squirm. It started out with a flashback of Gareth, the leader of Terminus and the Terminus group trapped in a train car that looks like the one Rick and the others are in. He started questioning if he and his friends were good people, why were they being tortured while audible screams could be heard.

The season opener gave a little bit of background into what Terminus actually is but not enough. The obvious is that Terminus is a group of survivors that were taking refuge at a compound and had to start fending for themselves after being tortured and raped by a group of unnamed captures.

The confusing part is how do people go from being considered good to being unable to think twice about killing anyone who crosses their paths. With all of these holes early into the story, hopefully more background information into Terminus’ history will be revealed throughout the season.

Even with all of the chaos, reunions were the best part of the opener. Rick and Carl were ecstatic that Judith was found to be alive. Daryl even had a tearful get-together with Carol, who easily is turning into a favorite character already this season.

The characters did not disappoint fans and newcomers of the show either. Of course Daryl, Rick and other veterans were impressive from the minute they started showing their warrior survivor skills at the beginning of the episode.

Some fan favorites have morphed into the zombie fighter personas that everyone has hoped would happen during the last four seasons. One of the themes of this season will be how the crew becomes much wiser and tougher.

Anyone who is new to the show would most likely be confused on some of the details, even with the background information. Watching the show from the first season is definitely recommended before starting season five to fully understand all of its significance.

Season five’s opener was full of both mayhem and joy that will excite old fans and attract many new ones.

For a first episode to be a dark show, it was just great to see a happy ending. Extensive details were put into this one episode so it is just foreshadows how much of a roller coaster the rest of the season will be.

The Walking Dead airs on AMC, Sundays at 9 p.m.

Should Universities ban Fraternities and Sororities

Fraternities and sororities have been the norm for many college students throughout the nation for the last 238 years. When it was first started, it was an honor to be accepted into one and that is still considered that today. For many schools, that is where most of their history lies. To ban fraternities and sororities would be like banning centuries old of tradition.

Cliche as it sounds, college is a time to venture outside of the comfort zone and try new things. Students that decide to join a Greek organization end up learning so many useful qualities and social skills that will take them far in life. There is no excuse to hate something if no effort was put into trying it in the first place.

People who are against the Greeks need to look at the bigger picture and not just the over-exaggerated horror stories and movies. The Greek Life’s main focus has always been on integrity, respect, responsibility, the well-being of their members and keeping the sister and brotherhood alive.

People are against the Greeks because of their supposed tendency to be one giant clique and the fear of being excluded. All Greek groups have numerous bonding activities to bring every member closer together. If you look at most fraternity and sorority calendars, you’ll find that there is an event almost every day, whether it is a movie night or a formal.

No one wants to feel left out and they make sure of that. These groups are known being like families and having more than 20 brothers and sisters that would help out at any cost, which might never happen to someone if they were quick to judge and never joined.

The Greek life opens many doors for members and is the perfect way to network while being among the familiarity of brothers and sisters. Because they have been around for quite some time, there have been tons of well-known members and they already have something in common just by being part of a group. Some of the most successful people have come out of fraternities and sororities including Steven Spielberg, Paul Rudd, Condoleezza Rice and Lucy Liu and the list will just keep growing.

Yes, being a part of these groups gives an advantage but so do so many other groups and programs on campuses. Greek life or not, if someone wants to go after what they really want, they will. The Greek name does not put a name on who is successful.

Watching from the outside in, these societies may seem like just a way to get in with all of the best parties and not having to do schoolwork because of the Greek status. Greeks have been known to be one of the most hard working groups in colleges. Some of them will not let students join unless they have an above average GPA.

The philanthropic activities that the Greeks do each year is more than impressive; the activities they do and the amount of money they raise. Where do people think the parties and events get funded from? Not only do the fun events help raise money to help the organizations but the colleges and communities as well.

These groups even try to get the whole campus involved because everyone giving back means so much more than trying to stay within the exclusivity of an organization.

Even if fraternities and sororities are not your cup of tea, you should not have a say whether to ban them or not. Unless you’ve been in one, you do not know what actually goes on. Throwing away the Greek life would be like throwing a way a part of history.


counterpoint by: Brittany Gonzales

Should we get rid of fraternities and sororities? Yes. They are dangerous for students.

In Columbia, S.C. a student was killed and they suspect his fraternities for hazing because he was running with his fraternity brothers. Pennsylvania’s Baruch College was investigated on homicide charges due to a fatality during a pledging ritual when a freshman died. The university of Tennessee had some fraternities who made pledges pour hot sauce on their genitals. In Atlanta at Emory, pledges were made to eat items that are not for eating. At Wesleyan in Connecticut two women claimed to be raped by two different fraternities.

This is just the recent incidents that have been reported. There are many more incidents like these throughout the history of fraternities and sororities. Fraternities and sororities are known for being party houses and are known for being loud and crazy.

The University of Connecticut was banned after they had a member lie on the floor and “sizzle like bacon” then drink until she passed out. This was only one of a few sororities that have been found forcing members to drink until they passed out. There are several more sorority houses that were caught abusing alcohol, Fraternities were also caught drinking.

Sororities and Fraternities were not created to do this sort of thing. They were not meant to be party houses or hazing disasters. Greeks were put together to help students bond and to get resources for a better chance of getting the job they want when graduating. Some fraternities and sororities still follow this but those that do not should be banned.

The way sororities and fraternities that still live up to the original plan should be awarded because very few have kept to this. The ones who have been able to keep their place in order are scarce and hard to come by because the average thought of any student going into college is that they are there to live life to the fullest and party as hard as they can. College is the place where the high school child is able to find what kind of adult they are. Because of this, fraternities and sororities become a party and the party can get crazy just like any other college party.

Some students are scared to join these fraternities and sororities because they are afraid to be embarrassed or abused by their peers because of the claims and allegations against them. If fraternities and sororities went back to the original way they were supposed to be, there wouldn’t be as many claims and allegations against them. They would be held in high regards by their universities and colleges.

American Horror Story: Freak Show review

The opening credits are enough to give even the bravest person nightmares. The show goes into a lot more detail than past seasons with creepy clowns and a scary circus theme that grabs viewers instantly.

Award winners Sarah Paulson and Jessica Lange open the show with the mystery of the manipulative Elsa Mars’ interest in siamese twins, Bette and Dot Tattler, who are on the run for the crime they’ve committed.

At first glance, it would seem that Mars is a very genuine and kind character but that would be too easy. As the episode goes on, it is revealed how evil and narcissistic she really is. Mars will do anything to get her way and at any cost. When she was portrayed to be one of the hated characters this season, a breakthrough is shown when she actually has a disability herself, hence her connections with the freaks.

Mars owns the freak show and circus and that is the only reason why she is interested in Bette and Dot, or any of the other freaks for that matter. She hopes that the twins are just what she needed to bring in customers so that she can finally become the star she has always wanted to be.

Each of the people in the show live up to their names and definitely are not afraid to keep outsiders away. They immediately show the dark side of the freak world and how much danger everyone around them is in. If that’s not scary enough for fans, there is the “cliche” killer clown that lurks around town.

One of the main things that long time fans will notice immediately is that one of the biggest veteran characters from past seasons is not in Freak Show. Even with the lack of Taissa Farmiga, this season is promising, especially with the variety of new faces and veterans.

People that have never seen any of the other seasons of American Horror Story but love all things creepy and suspenseful will fall in love with his instantly.

You can catch American Horror Story: Freak Show Wednesdays at 10 p.m. on FX.

Derek Jeter’s Final Days

Many know, one of baseball’s greatest players as, “The Captain,” “Captain Clutch,” and “Mr. November.” New York Yankees star Derek Jeter was definitely one of a kind and his final days wearing those pin stripes showed how special he really was to the sport.

Jeter’s final game was the perfect close to his career. The Yankees beat the Boston Red Sox 9-5 on Sep. 25. The Red Sox paid their respects to the captain by bringing out legends Paul Pierce, Carl Yastrzemski and Bobby Orr. They also donated $22,222.22 to Jeter’s Turn 2 Foundation. Loved is an understatement for Jeter.

In the 20 seasons that Jeter has played with the Yankees, he has a World Series MVP Award, five World Series rings, All-Star Game MVP Award, 13 All-Star Game appearances, five Gold Gloves and four Silver Slugger awards. This would be more than just an impressive trophy case for any player.

People think of Jeter as mediocre and overrated just because of how much praise he receives, but know without a doubt that he really is a great player. They even use the fact that there have been many other “greatest players in the world” before him. Of course there were greats before him. Sooner or later there will probably be a Derek Jeter prodigy, but that does not change the fact that his records are some of the best of all time.

As soon as Jeter graduated high school, the Yankees drafted him. He made his MLB debut in 1995 and in just the following year, he won the Rookie of the Year Award, became the team’s starting shortstop, and helped them win the 1996 World Series. Not many rookies, especially at age 22 are even capable of achieving all this in just two years.

ESPN’s Keith Olbermann went on a rant about why he thinks Jeter was not one of the greatest of all time.

“Objects in the mirror may appear smaller than they appear. He has been in that mirror for 20 seasons and to many fans, basically every sports fan under 30, he is the only object that has been in that mirror,” Olbermann said. “In fact, you have to be at least 41 or 42 to have a clear memory of the New York Yankees winning a World Series without Derek Jeter, hence this victory lap.”

That being said, Olbermann makes a lot of money, and has defined his career by offering his unique brand of contrarian opinions. The worst criticism that one can pose Jeter, is that he is so overly worshiped and has such a fan frenzied legend that nobody can possibly live up to it. That sounds much more like every ball player’s dream growing up.

Speaking about the past does not affect the present and future. Jeter was a great asset to the Yankees for the 20 seasons. Is being called overrated in his case that bad anyways? He was worshiped, loved, and treasured by many for doing what he loves.

Around Hornet: Kelly’s preparation tactics wearing on Williams

Sunday the Philadelphia Eagles beat the Washington Redskins 37-34. Post-game, one would expect the entire team to be in celebration mode. However, the victory was quickly soured when Cary Williams, Eagles cornerback, went public about how “burnt out” he was from coach Chip Kelly’s practice regimen.

Chip Kelly came from Oregon to Philadelphia with little experience and that’s when skepticism began. Fans were hopeful for a change after the former Eagles coach, Andy Reid, failed to get the team to the Super Bowl after 14 seasons. Of course when anyone is going to be under the public eye and scrutinized, they are going to try everything in their power to prove that they are the best.

Sports science is a study of principles aimed to improve sports performance. So far, Kelly and his sports science techniques have paid off with the season that the Eagles are having so far. Because of this, people would easily overlook the injuries that have increased if it means going to the Super Bowl.

Even though the nutrition planning, sleep monitoring, conditioning and sweat watch is definitely helping players step up to the plate, the number of injuries keeps rising.

The offensive line is down to two starters, right guard Todd Herremans and left tackle Jason Peters. Left guard Evan Mathis and right tackle Allen Barbre are both out on injured reserve. Even the Eagles’ best defender, Fletcher Cox, is out with limited play time with an injury.

Just a few weeks ago, reports were being predicted about the Eagles’ offensive line and they were not good. Philadelphia’s week one starting offensive line included 3 of 5 players who were rated at the top of their position but due to; age, increasing injuries and the high level of practice, there is no doubt they would sink this year.

Williams seems to be the only one complaining. The remainder of the team know they need to suck it up, train hard and keep going if they want to be the best.

“I’m just going to be honest with you. It’s hard to go out there and fight for 60 minutes when you’re fighting throughout the week to make it through one practice,” Williams said. “I’m not the only one, I’m just the only one that’s man enough to stand up here and talk to y’all. It’s obviously, in my opinion, an issue in our starts.”

CBS Philly reported that Kelly’s regimen proves to be working for the Eagles. No one has had anything bad to say about Kelly besides Williams. Eagles Defensive Coodinator, Bill Davis voiced his perspective on their approach.

“We train in a great way. The sports science we have, the way we analyze it, there’s no concern. I actually think we’re the strongest team in the fourth quarter, and it shows,” he said. “We keep finishing the games; where others don’t have it in the tank, we have it in the tank. It shows.”

Based on the results of this early season, Kelly’s sport science and preparation tactics are working.

“I’ve been with 10 different organizations, and it’s not even close. So there is zero concern. It’s the opposite of that; there’s complete confidence that we are the strongest team in the fourth quarter.” Davis added.

The Eagles offense ran 73 plays in Monday’s game while the Redskins had 72. It does not seem like that much of a difference but when looked at the league average, it is actually pretty high. So far this season, the league average of total plays has been around the 180 range.The Eagles are fourth on the list of a total of 213 plays in just the last three.

There is no doubt that Kelly works his players hard. From his success at the collegiate level coaching at Oregon, a school he took from mediocre to a perennial national power, he knows this is the way to go if they want to be at the top by the end of the season.

Anyone can argue in order for a team to perform better, a coach needs to go easier on them. A coach is not paid to be an athletes friend, he’s paid to train them to be their best and lead them to victory. Each player should have been aware when they signed their contract that it would be hard work.

It does not matter if the other teams start training as hard as Kelly’s team. The head coach’s sole task is to help his team do the very best and if it gives them the upper hand, then he should completely do it.

This season is also crucial for him as he’s going to be under watch constantly for every football move he makes. The other players might eventually complain but what Williams did was unnecessary. His job is to win and be part of a team, not try to be on vacation during the season. It is like the old adage; no pain, no gain.

BET hip hop awards 2014 preview

After last year’s controversial hit, will this year be the same?

The BET hip hop awards are one of the most anticipated shows of the whole year for many music fans. Even with the controversial events that happened at last year’s show, this year is expected to be an even bigger hit.

Taking place in Atlanta this year, Snoop Dogg is returning to host the event with Nelly and Teyana Taylor presenting the trophies to the winners. Doug E. Fresh is this year’s “I Am Hip-Hop Icon” honoree.

The nominees are nothing short of impressive. Album of the Year nominees include: Drake’s “Nothing was the Same,” Eminem’s “The Marshall Mathers LP 2,” Future’s “Honest,” Rick Ross’ “Mastermind,” Schoolboy Q’s “Oxymoron” and Yo Gotti’s “I Am.”

Nominated for best hip hop video: Drake, Future, Iggy Azalea, J. Cole, Wiz Khalifa and Nicki Minaj.

MVP of the year nominees include DJ Mustard, Drake, Future, Jay Z and Nicki Minaj.

In the best collabo, duo or group category: Eminem and Rihanna, Future and Pharrell, Jay Z and Justin Timberlake, Schoolboy Q and BJ The Chicago Kid and YG with Jeezy and Rich Homie Quan.

Just a few days ago, BET announced their cyphers lineup, a long list of some of the biggest names around right now.

Wiz Khalifa and his Taylor Gang crew including Juicy J, Chevy Woods, Berner, Tuki Carter and Ty Dollar $ign are the rappers that will have a lot to live up to after Kendrick Lamar’s memorable freestyle last year.

Remy Ma will also appear in a cypher along with husband Papoose, Snow tha Product, Lil Mama and Dreezy.

Other rappers included in the segment are: David Banner, G-Eazy, Kevin Gates, Vic Mensa, Troy Ave, Logic, Treach, Genesis, Dee-1, Detroit Che, Loaded Lux, King Los, Corey Charron, DJ Scratch, T-Rex, Goodz, Rain 910, Conceited, Tsu Surf, Dillon Cooper, Two-9, Jarren Benton, Andy Mineo and Emilio Rojas.

Even with an impressive list for the cypher, fans voiced their opinions on Twitter about the lineup which will make for an even more interesting performance.

The performance lineup has also been released.

Rappers T.I., Common, Birdman, YG, Jay Electronica, DJ Mustard, Bobby Shmurda, Young Thug, TeeFlii, Vince Staples, Rich Homie Quan and Rae Sremmurd are going to hit the mics at the awards.

The 2014 BET Awards will air on Oct. 14, at 8 p.m. on the BET network.

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