Meeting New People


Today was a major event at the convention center by Disney so of course it was packed today but what was different, was I met some amazing people today.

  • A woman from the convention was at Disney and we talked for a while and told me about her life and travelling around the world to write about new products and such and yet her number 1 priority in life is family. It inspired me a bit to never forget where I came from and not to always worry about work and money.
  • An old man also talked to me on the way out of Disney and was telling me about how he felt that girls aren’t being respected anymore and to not settle too quick. Basically he said, if a guy won’t even hold a door open for you, he doesn’t give you all the respect you deserve.

It’s these little things that happen daily that I love.

Mom’s Wise Words


My mom is one of those typical little loud Asian women that have something to say about everything and will still yell at me if she feels that I’m not excelling at school but man, she does give the best words that bring tears to my eyes and make me think.

“Don’t fall for money and nice things. Fall for someone that makes you laugh and will sit and hold on to your every word as if the sun shines out your ass. If you fall head over heels for them and they just happen to have money, that’s just a plus. Having money and working isn’t your entire world and I don’t want to see you end up with someone just for that.”

This couldn’t have come at a better time.

Procrastination at its best


I have always been told from the time I started junior high to always do my homework as soon as I get it so then I won’t have to rush it later. Fast forward 8 years and I STILL haven’t learned that lesson yet.

20 years old and here I am trying to complete 6 assignments that are due with my lab contract tomorrow night hahaha oops.

I actually feel that I do better under pressure. The more stuff I get done in one hour. I also know that I personally will never do an assignment early even if I was given an entire year to do it. I would still be working on it the night before it was due.

I also just got Hulu+ so I’ve been focusing on Blacklist and trying to finish my outline. This isn’t going to be good haha. 

Also within the next 3 weeks I have four exams plus my spring break schedule starts at Disney so that’ll be fun :-)

I don’t even get how college kids even get the time to party and go out. The times that I DON’T have anything to do are spent sleeping or studying for something else lol.

Rainy Day Rants


So I got to Disney this morning dreading a day of working in the rain and I find out I can go home because there’s enough new people to cover for me SO COOL.

The problem is my day is just going to be spent doing homework and catching up on stuff I was too lazy to do during the week. 

Even though it’s raining today would still be an awesome day to go walk around Disneyland and eat (I got the day off and I want to go back to play at the place I was trying to get away from, makes sense right).

but besides that, that guy in my class i was talking about before, HOPELESS :-)

I’ve never met a guy that I can’t get along with or even talk to and this happens to be one of them.

Okay it happens like once in a blue moon but still, can’t talk to him. Last time I asked him for something since he sits behind me anyways and he literally just stared at me for a good 10 seconds and still didn’t respond and I just wanted to be like:



but whatevers.  I sound like a major creep right now haha.


Developing New Crushes


So after my failure of a relationship, I thought I’d focus purely on school and myself and just enjoy life. It was all going fine and I was just going along doing my thing, then all of a sudden…

BAM i meet someone new on the first day of school in one of my classes.

Seriously, I forgot what crushes feel like oh my god. 

After wasting almost two years, I forgot what it’s like to get a fixation on someone and just think they’re the bee’s knees.

Not going to lie, this is weirrrrrrrrrrddd. Yeah, I’ve talked to other guys since my ex and I broke up and stuff but this is the first time in a long time for a guy to do this to me.

The weirdest part is, he’s kind of nerdy and stuff, yet I don’t know, I’m just ranting on.


okay goodnight guys :))))


Parental Wisdom


Sometimes I think my parents are completely wacky and have no idea what they’re talking about so most of the time I don’t even listen and just keep saying “Yeah” so they’ll eventually stop lecturing.

I’ve come to realize though, they know more about me than I even know myself.

Tonight, my parents kept encouraging me to “wait, don’t run off with the first guy to make you swoon. just wait because the right person will come into your life at the right time and you’ll know it. No need for these stupid little relationships that go nowhere and just cause problems.”

That’s the best thing I could have heard right now. Don’t give in and keep fighting because everything will fall into place.

As for you guys, talk to your parents if you can everyday. If not, your best friend or whoever else is an important loved one in your life. They just want to see you succeed and love you more than you even know.